the Gift Box Set

the Gift Box Set


Exclusive, high quality bound book with special paper and soft velvet like cover and same colour book marker. Book available in three colours: greenblue and red.
You have also three choices for the book cover: greenblue and red.
Choice of three different cover pictures: Puss in Boots, Dancing Queen and Celebrated General.
Instructions on how to create your special signature image are in the book.

Your Gift box Set will contain:

  • Book ‘Reflections of my Friends’
  • Smooth wooden pen holder
  • Nib
  • Specialised black ink in 10ml glass bottle with aluminium screw top
  • Ink cloth of special absorbent material
  • Extra specialised paper to practice on (not visible on picture, as it is situated under the book)

All the items are stored in a high quality, sturdy, handmade box lined with ‘Victorian watersilk’ paper, available in three colours: greenblue and red.
The attractive Paperfoam in-tray in the handmade box will keep your book, extra paper, penholder and nib, ink and cloth safely in its place.

We despatch the Gift Box in a sturdy carton box via the UK Royal Mail.

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  • Customer Feedback

    • Sacha Dover on Reflections of my Friends

      Ahhh... the suspense before opening the folded page! Every time it is a delight to see what appears.
    • cfwtk on Reflections of my Friends

      How nice it is to find a gift that is not like anything else on the market today. It has meaning, sentiment and memories. I will be buying this for all my friends this year. thank you!
    • John Hatfield on Reflections of my Friends

      Unbelievable! I have been looking for this book since my grandma showed me her Ghosts of My Friends book with signatures from all her friends from her days in India. I am so pleased to see I can buy this signature book now to have all my friends sign into it.