Of all the nibs available, our research shows this one is the best to sign with.

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  • Customer Feedback

    • Sacha Dover on Reflections of my Friends

      Ahhh... the suspense before opening the folded page! Every time it is a delight to see what appears.
    • cfwtk on Reflections of my Friends

      How nice it is to find a gift that is not like anything else on the market today. It has meaning, sentiment and memories. I will be buying this for all my friends this year. thank you!
    • John Hatfield on Reflections of my Friends

      Unbelievable! I have been looking for this book since my grandma showed me her Ghosts of My Friends book with signatures from all her friends from her days in India. I am so pleased to see I can buy this signature book now to have all my friends sign into it.