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We are proud to bring a 19th century Victorian product back on the market. With the modern ways of communication created in the last decades, we all gained time and efficiency, but at the same time we also lost certain personal aspects of life, that were fun, friendly and relaxed, and which used to bring people together around the table.

How well do you know your friends’ handwriting?

‘Reflections of my Friends’ is a product containing:

  • a beautifully bound book in which you, your friends and family can sign
  • special ink in a 10ml glass bottle
  • a metal nib
  • a wooden penholder
  • an ink cloth
  • extra pages to try out your skills

Without much effort, your signature will turn into a reflection, when you sign with the special ink on the special paper in the book. This results in unusual and characteristic images that will definitely surprise you and your friends. You can enhance the images you created and turn them into fun pictures which are yours for posterity.

We have taken great care that the ‘Reflections of my Friends’ gift box is stylish, eco-friendly and of top quality, so it will keep all the items together in a neat and safe way.

This great gift for young and old is fun, personal and timeless and is the perfect gift for men and women alike as well as for reunions, weddings or for anyone who wants to ‘capture’ the feelings of friendship or loved ones.